Registering A League


To add a new league:

If the league your team plays in does not appear in the list of available leagues you can create your league by following the below instructions:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not the league administrator, please contact the relevant person from the league and ask them to follow the below instructions in order to affiliate the league with Rounders England. Once the League has been affiliated, you and other teams will be able to select the League from the Team Affiliation form. You can return to the form (after submitting it initially) at any time to edit the league that you play in.

To add a new league;

  1. Login to your personal account by going to and using your credentials to access your personal account
  2. Click on the tab 'Add League'
  3. Complete the form to create the league
  4. Next click on the 'Affiliations' tab on the left hand side
  5. Complete the form to affiliate your league with Rounders England
  6. Your League will now appear in the dropdown list available to Teams to select when affiliating with Rounders England.

When you have completed the above process, you will have created your league, affiliated it with Rounders England and tied it to your account. You can now access either your personal account or your leagues account using one login.

When you next login you will be offered two options - login to your personal profile or your league profile. When in either of the sections of your account you can easily switch between the two by using the menu in the top right of the screen (4 little white lines). This button will open a dropdown list which will give you an option to switch into whichever section you are not currently using (for example Personal Profile or League).